We are the youth!

We love students! 

Wednesdays at WSM is the best night of the week because it’s when we connect with our friends, learn something new, and have lots of fun! Our time together includes both a large group and small groups.

We start the night in our large group environment, where we sing some songs and hear practical teaching that everyone can apply to their upcoming week. During small group, we reinforce what was communicated in large group. We provide time for every student to connect with their peers and two adult leaders. This is how we experience life change, build community, and create the best night of the week.

Sunday Night at WSM are geared around Bible Study and discussion.  We meet in the Student Ministry Center and usually continue the conversation more in depth from Wednesdays.  Sunday nights are also opportunities for students to serve in our kids environments.


Our Student Ministries has a perpetual fundraiser with Blue Jazz Coffee.  Every bag you purchase helps a student attend summer camp or NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference).